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The 4 Steps in Creating an EZTube Project!

As you already know, using our boltless construction system to assemble your project is incredibly easy, which is why we called it EZTube! It’s so easy, that putting together a project only takes 4 simple steps.

  1. Sketch the Design – Make sure you have the appropriate dimensions ready. Prep time is very important when it comes to this step. Take the time to measure out what you want your project to look like and make a sketch. This will also be your guide to assembling your final project. Once you get a list of all the components you need, move on to step 2.
  2. Prepare the Tubing – If you need to make any cuts, simply use a hacksaw to prepare the tubing to get it ready for assembly. And remember, measure twice, cut once! If you would rather us to prepare the tubing, we would gladly make those arrangements!
  3. Assemble the Parts! – Here’s the fun part! Take your sketch and use it as a guide for putting your project together. Use a hammer to gently tap the connectors onto the extruded tubing. This is very simple, which is why you chose our boltless construction system in the first place!
  4. You’re Done! – That’s it! No need messing around with bolts, glue, or paint because your project is complete! Now you see why a boltless construction system is the easiest way to assemble your project!

A Better Trade Show Experience with Aluminum Tubing Connectors

When it comes to finding new venues for additional revenue, trade shows can be just the right solution. However, even with all the obvious benefits of participating in trade shows, they can be demanding on business owners. After all, every display must be assembled by the business, which can be time consuming and costly. To make your trade show experience better, be sure to remember aluminum tubing connectors as part of an overall display system.

1. Easier set up. Aluminum tubing connectors are part of a display system that is bolt-free. This means that assembly is fast and easy, which can minimize the time it takes to get set up and take things down. Better still, a bolt-free system requires fewer tools, which reduces the amount of supplies needed at the show.

2. Better display. These display systems are not just easy, but they are functional as well. With aluminum tubing connectors, shelves can be arranged in countless ways, allowing businesses to pick and choose their own display style.

3. Lasting use. Trade shows are rarely a one-time event. Because of this, most displays are taken down and put up on a regular basis. This can lead to steady wear and tear on the display system. However, with aluminum tubing connectors, the system is durable enough to work for trade shows in the coming years.

The Ease of Assembling and Tearing Down Construction Systems That Do Not Require Bolts

At EZTube, we provide boltless construction systems that are used to make carts, displays at trade shows, covers for conveyor belts and shelves of all sizes. Our business also sells numerous types of connectors, and we offer tubing that is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Customizing the Tubes

Before setting up a display, you can use a hacksaw to cut the tubes, and if you know the dimensions of the structure in advance, our experts can alter the tubes for you. In general, our customers need less than 30 minutes to assemble sets with tubes that have already been cut.

Securing the Connectors

Once the components have been modified, you may utilize a hammer in order to push the connectors into the tubes. Our business offers a small hammer that is relatively soft, and the tool has a sturdy handle that is made of oak.

Deburring the Metal 

At EZTube, we sell a device that can rapidly eliminate sharp ridges. In addition to a handle that is made of plastic, the tool features a blade that consists of steel.

Disassembling the Boltless Construction System

In most cases, tearing down the display takes less than 15 minutes. You do not need to use any tools in order to disassemble the systems, and you can tear down some of our boltless construction systems simply by pushing several buttons.

Aluminum Framing for Custom DIY Projects

Updating your home doesn’t have to be all about wood. Wood is great for some do-it-yourself projects, but others call for a more modern twist. Consider using a boltless construction system for a custom DIY solution incorporating easy-to-assemble components. Keep your work space sawdust-free and give your sawhorse a break.

Custom Home Organization

Do you need new shelves for that oddly shaped pantry? Maybe you’ve always wanted to build your own office storage area or closet organizer. A boltless construction system offers the perfect answer. Just jot down the dimensions and order your aluminum framing system from EZTube. Cut your tubes with a hacksaw tubes before assembling, or let us do the prep work for you. Tap the connectors into the tubes, and voila! Your shelving is complete. It really is that easy.

Look, Ma — No Fumes!

A boltless construction system doesn’t just make it easy to organize your living spaces or home office. Eliminating the need for paint, stain and other wood finishing products means your home and workshop or garage are free of toxic — or at least obnoxious — fumes. You probably won’t miss sweeping up and inhaling post-project sawdust, either. Experience the convenience, tidiness and custom look of a boltless construction system, and you’ll probably want to skip the wood for your next project.

Easy Displays with Aluminum Framing Systems

Business success is about more than the product. No matter how good the product may be, if it is not presented well, then it will never be a success. While marketing is a multifaceted part of any business plan, it all starts with a good display. For the best displays without any hassles, try an aluminum framing system.

An aluminum framing system is a great choice because of its inherent flexibility. These systems are designed for simplicity. Although the frame itself is static, the shelves and other pieces can be arranged in any number of ways. This makes it easy to customize the display for any product.

This flexibility is not a one time perk. Instead, these systems do not even use bolts, which means it is easy to move the shelves time and again. Since assembly is so hassle free, the display can be changed countless times. With this versatility, an aluminum framing system will evolve well, making this type of frame a great investment for any smart business person.

Since these systems are made from aluminum, they are very sturdy. Aluminum is strong enough to hold products, but it is also not too heavy to move around. More than that, the metal will hold up well over time. With a little polish, an aluminum framing system will be a marketing centerpiece for years.

Save Time and Money with Aluminum Framing Systems

At EZTube, we offer aluminum framing systems that can be used to construct custom carts, sizable displays, structures that block sound and racks with the ability to hold items that weigh hundreds of pounds. The frames do not require bolts, and frequently, customers are able to assemble the structures in 30 minutes.

Displays and Shelves

Patrons commonly utilize our products to create large exhibits at trade shows and conferences. Our business also offers panels that can hold signs and numerous graphics for your displays.

Accessories for Machines

Clients can use aluminum framing systems in order to build guards that may be placed around conveyor belts or heavy equipment. The products are able to hold screens that will prevent small pieces of metal or wood from being flung into the air while the equipment is operating.

Customized Orders

Before you make a purchase, you may sketch the structure that you want to create on our site, and we will recommend the aluminum framing systems that you need to complete your project. Our experts can modify and precut all of the components before we ship the products to you.

Additional Parts

Our business sells durable hinges, numerous types of connectors and casters. Furthermore, we provide several tools, such as lightweight hammers and devices that allow you to eliminate uneven edges.

Creating a Home Office on a Shoestring Budget

Have you decided it’s finally time to carve out aspace in your home for an office? Setting up an office in your home is easierand more affordable than you might have thought. A desk and some storage spaceare all you need to get started.

Desks can be had cheaply or crafted from found materials. Plastic storage binsand metal file cabinets can be found for a song at used furniture outlets,warehouses, flea markets and estate sales. Shelving extends your storage spaceand lets you display a few decorative items.

If you want to go the DIY route, consider building your own custom shelvingwith a boltless construction system. Anaffordable, heavy-duty boltless frame is easy to build and allows for customconfiguration. Aluminum, steel or powder-coated tubes and other pieces snapinto place, requiring no building experience.

The bonus for those just starting out is that a boltless construction systemallows to add sections or reconfigure your entirely as your business grows. Ifyou end up renting an office space or expanding your existing office, you caneasily move your shelves.

Entrepreneurs need flexible, affordable solutions, especially early on. A boltless construction system gives you theadaptability you need without the cheap, unprofessional look of makeshiftoffice furniture.

Our Company’s Framing Systems

At EZTube, we provide boltless framing systems that are made of aluminum andsteel. The equipment can be used to create photo booths, unique displays andcarts. Our business also offers numerous accessories and tools, such ashammers, several types of connectors and custom inserts.

The Tubes

Our company is able to create custom tubes for your frame. By using ourwebsite’s features, you can select the length and the diameter of eachcomponent, and we have the ability to add numerous types of clips to the tubesthat allow them to be securely connected to other parts of the frame.

The Bottom of the Frame

Our experts can attach sizable casters to the boltless framing systems that apatron selects, and we are able to add brakes to the wheels. A thick baseplatemay also be attached to the frame in order to stabilize it.


We have a large selection of ferrules and rings. Customers can choose durablehinges that are made of zinc, polycarbonate or aluminum. Furthermore, ourpatrons are able to customize the finish of certain auxiliary items that weoffer.

Placing an Order

To learn more information about our boltless framing systems, you shouldcomplete the form on our website, oryou may call 800-833-2522. When you make a purchase, your package will shippedwithin 24 hours.

Why Use a Boltless Framing System Instead of a Standard Framing System

The problem with taking promotional displays, lighting rigs and other structures on the road is assembling them on-site. Salespeople and artists seldom have a lot of construction or engineering experience, and assembling frameworks and structures usually requires various types of specialized tools. A boltless framing system is easy-to-assemble, and all you need is a hammer.

These structures use lightweight aluminum tubes that connect easily with interlocking tips. People can construct portable displays, aviaries, modular frames and custom structures with boltless framing systems and the right components and accessories. The frames adjust for different configurations, and the snap-lock system requires nothing but a rubber hammer for assembly. An ideal solution for vending products at fairs, festivals and flea markets, a framing system has many uses for hobbyists, DIY applications and marketing.

The potential uses are almost for our boltless framing system is almost endless, and you can choose from various materials, colors and coatings for your aesthetic goals. Accessories like baseplates, handles, hinges and casters make the structures more versatile for mobile displays, animal enclosures, safety guards and conveyor covers.

If you need a boltless framing system that you can adjust over time, an interlocking system allows you to add pieces to enlarge the structure, add more shelves or use old pieces to assemble new structures. Ideal for warehouses and distribution centers where storage needs change regularly, a custom-designed system offers tremendous functional and financial benefits for business owners and consumers.

Looking for the Best Aluminum Framing System?

Aluminum framing systems are versatile enough to use at home, in retail settings, at trade shows and for industrial applications. When crafted into tubing, aluminum becomes the go-to material for all of your framing needs.

Uses for Aluminum Tube Framing

Solid aluminum framing systems can be used for:

  • Retail displays
  • Trade show displays
  • Supports for exterior or interior signage
  • Industrial frameworks
  • In-home shelving and enclosures

With simple boltless assembly and many styles of tubing available, these systems let you get creative with anything you need to build.

Advantages of Aluminum

The strength and flexibility of aluminum make it the perfect choice for building frameworks. It has the ability to bear weight without breaking and can take an impact without damage. Since aluminum resists corrosion, it can last for a long time. Aluminum is also non-flammable, allowing for safe use in any setting, even high-heat industrial areas.

Tubing for aluminum framing systems can easily be cut to size with a hacksaw or ordered in custom lengths to meet your specific needs. There are no limits to what you can do with a solid aluminum frame. Size, shape and design are all up to the person putting together the framework. Aluminum framing systems are also easy to dismantle and reassemble so you can take you trade show booth, signs and other displays wherever they need to go.