Assembly Instructions

EZTube is the ultimate boltless framing system.  Nothing else on the market is as easy to use and assemble.  This page will provide you with an abundance of resources that will walk you through the many possibilities of EZTube.

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Sketch The Design!

1. Sketch The Design!

Sketch out your design with complete dimensions and order all of your components.

Sketch The Design!

2. Prepare The Tubing!

Use a common hack saw to easily prepare your tubing for assembly, or we can do it for you.

Sketch The Design!

3. Assemble The Parts!

Use a hammer to tap connectors onto the finished extruded tubing. Boltless assembly is very easy!

Sketch The Design!

4. Relax, You’re Finished!

Enjoy it right away without worries about loose bolts, wet paint or messy glues. It’s ready to go!